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Natural Disaster Rebuilding in Saskatoon

Outside of home during a flood

When a natural disaster such as a tornado, severe thunderstorm, or flood strikes your home, it can wipe it out completely. The loss of your home is devastating and while we cannot reverse it, we can help you recover. Hansen Interiors’ team of contractors will rebuild your home after a disaster, which include a fire, flood, tornado, or other elements of nature.

We’ll begin by assessing the damage done to your home. If you’re home exterior is still standing or partially intact, we will determine what can be salvaged of your current home and how to proceed with rebuilding and repair. We can refer you to additional resources within our professional network if needed.

When it comes to disaster rebuilding, we can complete any repairs or rebuilding from the foundation and basement to the roof. This includes the landscape, concrete areas around the home, the home’s exterior frame, walls, and roof, and the interior walls, insulation, flooring, and more.

If you have suffered severe damage to your home from a natural disaster or would like to know more about our disaster relief services in the unfortunate event that something does happen to your home, contact Hansen Interiors for more information.

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